Why Now for Tax Planning?

If you’re a business owner, you may be wondering why we say now is the time to pay extra attention to your taxes. But it is, for two very important reasons: necessity, and opportunity.

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What happens during my Tax Discovery Session?

We deconstruct your tax and financial information to find the mistakes and missed opportunities that are costing you wasted tax dollars. By the end of our time together, you'll know exactly how much you're overpaying the government every year - money that YOU can put back in your pocket.

So how do I stop overpaying taxes?

If you meet our planning engagement criteria and would like to move forward with keeping more money in your wallet, we'll let you know at the end of our Discovery Session what your investment in our planning services will be. We guarantee our Tax Plans will pay for themselves in the first 12 months* or we'll refund your entire fee - and the Tax Plan will still be yours to keep.

Success Stories

Here are a few examples of our recent Tax Planning Successes

(Names changed but the tax dollars are real)

Matt had been with a large, nationally-known CPA Firm for several years. They never once provided any ideas for tax reduction opportunities for his business. When we were introduced to Matt by his banker, we found out he was operating with the wrong business structure for his type of business and operations. We filed a two-page form with the IRS, and immediately saved him over $70,000 in taxes the first year. Because our plans provide recurring savings year-after-year, Matt has saved that amount in taxes each year for the last five years.

With recent changes in the tax laws under the COVID Stimulus programs, we're making an adjustment to Matt's plan that will put $100,000 of overpaid taxes back in his pocket - not potential tax savings, a real cash refund of overpaid taxes.

Dr. S asked us to advise her on selling her business. She has grown her business from the ground up and has an interested buyer, but the tax hit on the sale would take a sizable chunk out of the cash proceeds. With the multiple planning steps we found and are implementing for Dr. S, we'll be saving her over $100,000 on her taxes prior to the sale, and over $300,000 in taxes when the business sale is closed by structuring everything properly - in advance - through legal, and ethical tax planning.

John and Richard own several successful retail stores. Even with the COVID pandemic, they're stores continue to do well. We were able to create a plan that saved John and Richard over $100,000 in pre-pandemic taxes, and that will allow them to save an addition five-figures on their taxes going forward.

How would YOU like to be one of our Success Stories?

With each passing week, you're spending unnecessary hard-earned cash on taxes.